christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

I should know better

Whenever I decide I need to cut my nails or get a haircut, it ends up being all I can think about until it actually happens. But I have somewhere to be this morning and didn't want to go to the barber shop, rush back for a shower, and then head down there, so I was just going to wait to get the haircut I decided I wanted before my vacation next week. Friday sounded good. So I took a shower, styled my hair with perhaps a bit too much product, and went about my morning.

A while ago, I ran my fingers through my hair, forgetting it was already done, and decided it really is too long and I can't take it any more. So I'm about to take another shower to wash all the stuff out, go to the barber, come home for another shower, and then head to the work thing I'm doing. Good thing the work thing is making me miss swimming this afternoon (I did yoga this morning instead) or else that'd be four showers today.

BBIAB wasting all the water.

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