christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Throwback Thursday, 12/12/1999

On December 12th, 1999, I woke up with a mission. I bought a cheap camera, spent the morning walking around taking pictures, had them developed in an hour, came home and scanned them, and used them to write a photo book to send out as gifts. I printed out the pages, took them down to the copy shop to make more copies, and had them copy the instruction book onto purple paper which was then laminated to use as the cover.

I'd only lived in Seattle for a few months, was being worked to death at the office, and was extremely lonely. All I really wanted was for friends and family to visit, but since that wouldn't be happening any time soon, I wanted to recreate the experience of a walking tour of Seattle with me. It was a big hit, and I even did a follow-up in 2004. This was before blogging and social networking were big things. These days, such a project doesn't make as much sense.

I'm glad I managed to get a good picture of myself. It was a film camera and I had no way of knowing how it turned out. I scanned all the pictures two at a time to save time, and this one was scanned with a picture of my cubicle at the office.


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