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Fun weekend

This last weekend wasn't just productive. It was also tons of fun. We took Friday off because Garrett recently had to work 12 hours or so on a Saturday, and that worked out nicely because I was up quite late on Thursday. That was for a trip down to Seattle to go with notlostonme for the Faith No More/Christeene show. Just like with Nine Inch Nails and even Madonna, this was my only chance so far to see a long-time favorite band live. Even though I'm getting older and enjoying concerts less, it was still a lot of fun.

Oh yeah, we met up at The Crescent, which has been cleaned up a bit, but is still nice and divey. Here's some 3-D vandalism from the bathroom. Anyone who saw the urinal a few years ago can tell you this is a vast improvement.

3-D vandalism

Friday included a trip to our neighborhood hangout for lunch, Garrett's first time on a weekday. Our regular bartender wasn't there, and the crowd was interesting to say the least. One guy was talking in circles and had this Simba pillow along for the ride.

Someone brought a Simba pillow to the bar

Thankfully, he was there to play pool by himself, and the pool tables are way across the room.

We also had our friend Stacy over Saturday night for one final Bad Movie Night, our favorite tradition. She's moving away soon. :( We barbecued and watched Cool as Ice in its entirety and then saw most of The Last Dragon.

The cats were their usual cute selves.


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