christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

New weekday thang

I had a pretty good work week routine going, doing yoga three days and swimming the other two. Well, treading water. But recently I realized that I just feel a lot better on days when I do some yoga, so I started doing it every morning. In the calendar below, yoga is the dark blue "class" category. I still have plenty of back pain, but if I do yoga, it also feels good for much of the day, which is amazing.

I'm still going to the pool, so on those days, I'm doing that in addition to yoga. One thing I'm particularly proud of is last week, because I treaded water for 60 minutes straight both days I went.  I'm trying to enjoy the pool a lot right now, because I doubt I'll go during the summer. It's just not as fun when there are tons of kids there. Hopefully my lower back will be ready for more walking by the time summer's here.

That single purple walk was a half hour on the treadmill at 2 miles an hour. A lot slower than my outdoor pace and definitely much more boring than going out for a walk. Nice to have the option, but I really want to get back to my awesome walking routine. I really do feel that yoga's what will get me there; physical therapy is just so boring. I think yoga's giving me similar results, but I actually like doing it.


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