christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

New life for an old thing

For some reason lately I keep thinking about the stuff that I've owned the longest that I use all the time. I've had the same wallet chain and keyring since college. One of the things I've had the longest is my Braun hand blender, which is the first immersion blender to hit the market that I know of.

I'm pretty sure I've had it for 25 years now. The way I figure that is that there was one in Total Recall, and that came out in 1990. It's worked great ever since then, and I think the main reason it's so sturdy is that there are no removable parts. It's just built well.

I've been aware for a while now that you can put wine in a blender to rapidly age it and improve the taste, and the results of a taste test on the show Hack My Life convinced me to finally try it. I figured if I liked the results, I'd probably want to do it pretty often, so I brought the Braun downstairs, along with a big Slurpee cup to blend it in. It really does work quite well! Franzia burgundy's our house wine, and blending it for a few seconds makes it taste like something that costs at least 5x more.

15-year-old me scored a handy little appliance!

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