christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

30 YAYs of Yoga

This morning I finished Adriene Mishler's 30 Days of Yoga series. Not in 30 days or anything. When I started, I was doing yoga three days a week and going swimming two, but I soon realized that my days are a lot better if I do yoga in the morning. Most weeks lately, I'll do yoga all five weekday mornings and still go swimming once or twice.

The yoga started off as something I was trying to do instead of physical therapy exercises for my lower back so I could get back into the long walks I've enjoyed for the last couple of years. What I'd like is for this summer to be yoga most days with several walks each week, because school will be out soon and the pool's a lot less fun when it's crowded with kids.

I did a walk earlier this week and it was definitely painful still. Stopping to sit for a few minutes at the park helped. My shins have been unusually sore in the days since then, and something occurred to me. I got a different pair of shoes than what I'm used to a while back, and they're definitely not as comfortable for me. I've been wearing one style all the time for years, and probably shouldn't have switched. The next time I go for a walk, I'll use the old ones and see how it is. I've got a pair in the garage that I use when I work in the yard, the pair that I'm currently wearing daily, and a new pair waiting in storage. I'm actually on hold trying to find more pairs to stock up on.

Edit: Bah! I called four stores and they're all out of my size. Not a surprise since they're on clearance. They go on sale pretty often, though. I've never paid full price for them. 

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