christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

The cats are messing with my routine

I get up at 4:00. Usually the cats don't make a note of it, or once in a while, one of them will come visit me in my office. When Garrett gets up at 5:00, they typically go up to his room and take their spots on his bed, where they'll sleep for the next several hours.

Lately, I've been keeping the door at the top of the stairs closed so I can hide out in the basement in peace. Otherwise, Sam will start bothering me for their wet food, which I don't like to give them any earlier than 10:30. It's been nice, because he's persistent. He'll sit on the loveseat arm right next to me and whine. A lot. For hours if I let him. It's better if I can just do my own thing down here for a while.

Most of the house was a little off yesterday. I wanted to go right back to bed. Garrett slept in a bit. And Sam stayed on the couch for hours. Every time I passed by, I had to stop for a minute to make sure he was breathing. He got up eventually, and immediately started whining, so I led him upstairs and then jumped back through the door and closed it. Sucker.

Today it's Steve's turn. He's sleeping right where Sam was yesterday instead of upstairs on Garrett's bed. I'll leave him be. I suppose if Sam wakes up and comes down, Steve won't be able to sleep through it. I could just close us both down here, but I don't really like to cut off access to the litter boxes, which are up there. I highly doubt anything would happen, but we all hate it when there's no restroom available, right?

I'm curious why this spot on the couch is so popular all of a sudden. They've consistently shifted up to Garrett's bed as soon as they had the option each weekday for months now.

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