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There was a slight tickle in my throat on Friday and I hoped that after an evening out with our good friend Ana, I'd wake up fine. I really only get sick once a year or less, so I don't worry too much until it actually happens. Ana was spending the night, and we were up pretty late, so I woke up hung over as well as sick. Ended up spending a good portion of the day yesterday in bed.

Getting sick on weekdays is a big deal for a lot of people. Even if they've got the sick time available, their situations at work force them into going in sick. I've been working at home exclusively for a year now, so I'd much rather be sick on a couple of weekdays and enjoy my time off. It's a bummer being sick right now, as we were supposed to head over for barbecue at Garrett's parents this afternoon. Plus, Value Village has a 50% off sale going on for card club members.

At least I've got a couple of DVDs. I'm currently watching Cthulhu, the movie responsible for bringing Tori Spelling to Seattle that time she did karaoke at Bus Stop. I was right around the corner that night, at home doing nothing, and was so sad when found out I'd missed this a few days later.


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