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Snatching something from the hands of time

I'm not sure if I own more than one cassette at this point. I might have a copy of Faith No More's first album, which I only recently discovered I could buy as an MP3 download. It was cassette-only for ages. It also would have been dumb for me to toss any Art of Noise, because they were hard to find in other formats as well. I'd check on their availability now, but I haven't even listened to FNM's new album or their first one since I downloaded them.

The only cassette I've ever had that was irreplaceable was a mix tape my first boyfriend made for me. He's a fantastic DJ and it's actually mixed, not just one song after another. I couldn't possibly guess how many times I've listened to it. What I can say is when the last time was. 2004, as I was packing up my beloved apartment that I had to give up because I wasn't working and could no longer afford it. I had a Nickelodeon boombox that I'd gotten specifically to play it, and listened to it several times over while moving out of that place. Not sure if I kept that boombox much longer, but I don't remember using it after that.

I was looking for something recently and came across the tape in a box in my office closet. I figured it was time to finally get the whole thing back in my library, so I found a USB cassette player on Amazon for $16. It's recording now.

Snatching something from the hands of time

This is actually version 2 of this tape. The original one broke, so I taped it together and made a copy. There's a gap in the music somewhere that I'll recognize when I listen. Obviously the quality here's not going to be great, but it'll still be wonderful to hear it again.

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