christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Keep plotting

Been feeling so much better after the road trip, with just the occasional cough. Went swimming yesterday with no issues, so I decided I'd head out for an easy walk earlier today. The gas can we use for our mower needed filling anyway, so I got in my walking gear and figured I'd drive down to the Lowell Riverfront Trail. It's paved, and has a few unpaved paths next to it, but everything's flat and it's very easy. It was closed many months ago due to flooding, but I figured they had plenty of time to clean up since then. Wrong. So that makes two places I like to go closed for the time being. So I headed over to the waterfront.

Just a quick mile and a half. Quite easy. Spotted a stencil graffiti job I liked.

Keep plotting

I should have brought my sunglasses, for sure. I've mentioned before that I want to get back ito the walking more now that summer's coming because summer at the pool are sure to be crowded. Yesterday, the pool and the park itself were mobbed, even though I'm pretty sure school's still in session.

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