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Now that's a walk

This morning I felt ready to try a longer walk. Back before I worked from home, five miles was a typical day, and Sundays were usually more like 8-10 miles. It's been especially frustrating to get "fitness flashback" emails from MapMyRun showing what I did two years ago. I finally unsubscribed. Anyway, this morning it just felt right, so I went for it.

As I got about halfway through today's route, which of course would be the furthest I'd get from home, it occurred to me that I should start carrying my bus pass. The initial part's easy, because it's mostly downhill, so if I got that far away and suddenly didn't want to walk back, it'd be nice to have an alternative. I suppose if it were an emergency, I could always grab an Uber, too. They recently launched here.

It also occurred to me how interesting views are when they're a mix of historic homes and industrial complexes.


I found a little park I'd never noticed before, Depot Park.

Depot Park

This route took me back through the Forgotten Creek Natural Area. I'd been through once before, only it was the other direction. It's quite a climb. And apparently a great place to change a 'pon.


Pain was minimal. I didn't have to stop. It was a great walk.

Today's awesome walk, 3.53 miles in 1:11, 7,589 steps, 337 ft gain

3.35 miles in an hour and 11 minutes. I included the graph at the bottom because I'm proud of the 337ft climb. Not sure when the app started counting steps, or whether it's an estimate or if it really measures each time the phone moves, but it says it was 7,589 steps. What a nice morning!

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