christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Back on the mat

This morning I did yoga for the first time since I got the cold. I did the one I've been doing the most from the 30 Days series, Yoga for Your Back. I think I'll also hit the pool this afternoon.

Because I was on the floor, I found something I'd been looking for for about a week. It bothers me that I even need the printed Everett Parks and Recreation guide, but even though the Summer edition has been out for weeks now, the summer info isn't on the website. I knew I had the printed one, but couldn't find it. Turns out it was under the end table next to my spot downstairs.

After all that, I took the garbage, recycling, and food/yard waste down to the side of the street. I also put a DVD in the mail and got yesterday's mail from the mailbox, which is across the street and over one house. The neighbor who lives there finally yelled, "MORNING NEIGHBOR" as he jogged by with his early '90s antenna headset. I'm not sure why today was the day he said hi. Of all the neighbors, I encounter him the most. Not only does he jog around the time I often leave for a walk or take out the trash, he also just jogs up and down our street. Plus, as I mentioned, I have to go in front of his house to get our mail.

I could tell his music was loud, so I waved when I said hi back since I was pretty sure he wouldn't hear me. The whole thing was a little awkward since it was very early and we were both loud. Oh well.

Just checked the pool hours in the guide that was lost. Currently, open swim starts at noon, but it'll start at 1:30 for the summer, starting June 22. That's actually better for me, because on days I swim, I eat lunch pretty early. It'll be nice on days I want to go out for lunch to be able to finish my work day at noon, grab some lunch, and still have plenty of time before the open swim starts. Of course, it'll be summer, so it'll be mobbed. Perhaps some of the younger crowd will shift to the outdoor wading pool, and others could end up and the free spray park section outside. I'm also curious if the adults who come by on their lunch break will stop coming.

Gah, it's so sunny out. Summer is stupid.

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