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Those last three walks were awesome, but left me pretty sore. Stiff calves, mostly. Decided to give them a nice break today with some yoga in the morning and swimming in the afternoon, and they already feel a lot better.

So, my blood pressure's terrible. Always has been. My mom's was, too, and I'm definitely my mother's son. She died the night after her gastric bypass surgery, and hypertension's probably what did it. I can't remember the numbers from previous tests, but when a nurse visited recently for our insurance physical, it was 140/100. I'm not sure if that's what it would be today, I'd been sick for two weeks when she visited and hadn't exercised at all. But of course it'll still be high.

I need to address it, and the best next step after exercise is to look at food. I recently watched Forks Over Knives, which if you haven't seen it, is one of those documentaries that scares the hell out of you and makes you want to toss everything out of the kitchen and start over. But that's not practical. It's expensive, for sure. All recipes usually are. You end up needing a couple of spices, and spend ten bucks for them. There's plenty left for future recipes, but that initial expense is a killer.

So for now, I want to make all my weekday breakfasts and four of my weekday lunches from the Forks Over Knives recipe app I got for my phone. That'll make nine meals out of the 27, and I think 33% is a pretty great start. The reason I only want to do four lunches is that I decided a while ago that it'll be good for my mental health to have a lunch out each week. I'm home all day every day, and it's hard not to go stir crazy.

After the yoga this morning, I quickly showered and ran out to get the stuff for two recipes from the app: breakfast tacos, and Tuscan white bean burgers, which I guess aren't among the free recipes. There were so many ingredients and it was a lot of work to get it all together, but I ended up with enough stuff for four breakfasts and four lunches. All the effort's up front. I even made fake sour cream from their condiments section in the app to add to the tacos.

Speaking of which, what I'll say about these recipes is that the finished products are definitely more than the sum of their parts. With processed foods and real dairy, we're used to everything tasting very good. Fake sour cream tastes nothing like the real thing, but the taco will be better if you add it.

Right here's the point where a lot of people would say, "See? I did it! Anyone can!" I hate that so much. What I'll say instead is that I'm so glad I'm not afraid to cook any more (took me until my early 30s to get there), I'm glad I'm doing ok financially and have a good food budget, and I'm lucky to work from home with a good, flexible schedule. Easy access to lots of great stores helps, too.

And now, the results. Breakfast was great, and now that I've made those once, I could easily do a serving at a time. But it's cool that the rest of the week is taken care of. Lunch was pretty good, but I didn't plan for a side, so I had a few frozen tater tots. Not part of the plan! But I wanted to be out of the house by noon to go swimming, so convenience won. There weren't very many red onions at the first store I went to, and I forgot I needed one at the second, so those were left out of the recipe. It would have been nice to have them, but it's not a tragedy. I used just a little bit of ketchup on the bun, and it strangely dominated the flavor of the rest of the burger. I'm going to play with toppings the next few days and may even use some of the fake sour cream one of the days.

I was fed and ready to head out to the pool, and had another efficient thought. If I'm just going to the pool and back with no other stops, why not just wear flip flops to the pool? I hate flip flops and usually won't go further than the mailbox wearing them, but shoes and socks to the pool aren't ideal. Locker room floors at swim centers are just wet. If you're putting on shoes and socks, it's a strange dance trying to get your feet all the way dry and keep your socks from getting wet.

Oh yeah, my lower back hurt more today from standing around in the kitchen cooking and doing dishes than it did yesterday four miles in. Back to its old tricks, like letting me walk 10 miles but hurting like crazy standing for ten minutes while waiting to catch a bus back home. Womp womp.


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