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No goats, no trails

Although there are other roadside and neighborhood shortcut ways to get into Japanese Gulch, the only two entrances listed are the Tails and Trails park where I've been leaving the car, and the Mukilteo Community Garden. I initially balked at the idea of exiting there and heading back on the roads, because the park is on 5th and the Garden's on 75th.

It turns out, those aren't 70 blocks apart. It's 5th Street and 75th Street SW, and the latter corresponds to the street numbering way over in Everett. Once I realized this, exiting that way became my next goal.

I headed in and up the trails, and it wasn't too long before it got scary.

That was terrifying

Absolutely terrifying. And just after I got past that, I ended up at a huge fallen tree that I had to climb over. That on its own wouldn't have been too awful, but the ground on either side was steep and muddy. Fun combination. But if I turned back to find a different way, I'd have to go over that "bridge" again, so I figured a new challenge was better than turning back.

After all that, my heart was pumping and I was panting. It felt like I was already at it for an hour, but it had only been 25 minutes. I guess it's the fear and adrenaline that causes that perceived time dilation. Scanning the path and everything around it to spot hazards while also trying to enjoy the scenery. It's scary, fun, and beautiful at the same time, and it's weird when it all happens so fast.

Some back pain also appeared right around then as opposed to a few miles in two days ago. That makes me wonder if a day of rest after Yoga For Your Back is in order. I think I'll do that on Friday since Saturday's a day off.

The headbands I came yesterday, so now that's part of the uniform:

Walk, walk, fashion baby

Today's route:
Today's awesome walk, 3.87 miles in 1:37, 8318 steps, 447ft gain
3.87 miles in 1:37, 8318 steps, 447ft gain

You can see where I marked point A that I had just a little trouble finding my way out. It wasn't exactly a dead end; someone cleared a path leading to a little pond. It was a nice little spot except for the giant rusty barrel sitting on the water. No big deal, I just turned back and was out pretty quickly.

Mukilteo Community Garden

The Mukilteo Community Garden's a nice landmark and I'm glad the exit's there. It shows up on maps, so even though the trails don't, you can tell whether or not you're heading the right direction. There's also a portapotty there and tons of parking, which is nice. I might park there and go down and back up at some point, or use it as place to start and explore more of the area.

Don't be fooled by the name

I spotted Mukilteo Goat Trail Park on the map while planning the day's route and knew I would be walking by, so I figured I'd check it out. Turns out "park" isn't really what it is, it's more of a small wildlife preserve with a seating area at one end. As far as I could tell walking by, there's nowhere to walk in at all. It's on Goat Trail Road, and I haven't figured out why it's even called that.

Whidbey Island

That area of Mukilteo's gorgeous. The walk down was really nice, even if the shoulder next to the road around the 3-mile marker on my route was a bit narrow. Definitely looking forward to seeing it again. That'd be a nice area to have a big, expensive house as long as you don't care about being near stuff. It's a bit pricey for my tastes and I like being near stuff. We may only go to the bar every few weeks or less, but it's really nice to have the option within walking distance.

Today's breakfast tacos were even better than yesterday's. It only took about four minutes to heat and assemble anything, and the spices in the sweet potatoes tasted better with some time to meld. I don't want to get burned out on this recipe, so I'm going to choose something else for next week's breakfasts, but I'll be coming back to them very soon. They're very filling, too. It's really nice to not feel like I'm starving by lunch time.


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