christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Next breakfast recipe

I was looking through what was needed for the various FOK breakfast recipes and realized there were two extremely ripe bananas in the kitchen, so I should go ahead and try these cranberry orange muffins. This was another investment upfront. Aside from the bananas, the only thing in the recipe I had onhand was the cinnamon and the vanilla extract. My vanilla extract probably has alcohol, and that's fine, and I didn't bother looking for gluten-free oats.

I made a rookie mistake. I should have waited and gone to WinCo first. They've got a great bulk section and I know for sure I overpaid for the dates and craisins. Plus, everything's cheaper there. But I only go there early in the morning and for some reason I just wanted to get the shopping done.

Not sure if my breakfast once these are ready will be one muffin or two, but that's either six breakfasts or 12. Thankfully bread products freeze well.

I'm glad this one's on the website. We have a tablet mounted on a kitchen cabinet by the stove, and it's so much easier to cook from there than from the app on my phone.

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