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Obviously, we control the weather

I'd been thinking the next route I'd like to take would be the main gulch path to the end, then find a way to get back via roads in Mukilteo. I didn't think following the main road the rail ends at would be the way to go, but I'd seen some dirt roads around there and figured I'd give those a shot. The plan turned out to be an ideal one, because it was raining a little bit. That made me want to stay off the trails. In fact, when I got there, a guy on a bike asked me about the trail, and I told him I thought he'd be able to get out without turning back, but I was testing that for sure today.

The trail was nice today, though I did stop a couple of times to give my back a rest. Here's a photo I got the second time.

Resting spot

This is one of those dirt roads. You'd have no idea looking this direction that there's a highway right behind me. That's also where I took this.


I was trying to make a funny face. I see now that it looks like a bee stung my lip. First time in a while I've worn that green safety harness. I decided it was time again because of the scary narrow part of the road in Mukilteo with the small shoulder. I also figure it's best to wear it any day I go to the gulch; if I were to fall in and have to be rescued, that'd make it easier to spot me.

Today's awesome walk, 4.8 miles in 1:46, 10,317 steps, 586ft gain
4.8 miles in 1:46, 10,317 steps, 586ft gain

You can see around the 2-mile mark that I was trying to get to the main East-West road without taking the North-South one to the right. It was really busy with morning traffic and I'm not even sure there's a wide enough spot next to it to fit. I'll check it on a Sunday sometime. So the new agenda was to figure out the Southernmost path across the Gulf and get out via the community garden again. It was easy to find, and the path wasn't as wet as I'd feared. It's really quite nice, a lot of people have to drive really far to find a spot so wooded. I was disappointed to see quite a few discarded tires, though.

The scary section

That's the aforementioned scary narrow shoulder. I'm right to worry, as the first car I saw drifted toward me over the line a bit. A little while later, I found someone's Kindle.

Found someone's Kindle!

He's listed in the phone book and I found it right around the corner from his address. I left a message on his answering machine and also paid the extra dollar so my Facebook message would go into his inbox instead of "Other." Haven't heard back from him. My theory is that he and his wife were on their way out for a weekend trip and he left it on the car while packing up. Betcha he's on a deck chair right now wishing he had it.

I'm glad I got back when I did, as it started pouring pretty quickly after. I don't particularly mind walking in the rain, but I wouldn't plan for the gulch if it was raining, and I'd hate to be caught there when it started.

I baked that batch of muffins I'd posted about before and will wrap them up and freeze them. I'll try one for breakfast first and will do two after that if it's not enough. They're not huge, but they're pretty dense. That left me with a ton of dirty dishes, and I even had to hand wash a couple of things I needed for the recipe. Once the dishwasher was going I made a run to the mall to return a few things, and grab a couple of items I needed from the store. Now I'm taking a break while some porcini mushrooms hydrate, and I'll make lunches to freeze for next week. With next week's breakfasts and lunches taken care of, I'll finally be ahead of the game a bit. Phew. While I wait, I'm watching Wild Palms on DVD. I felt like I might have seen it since it originally aired, so I checked my Netflix DVD and Instant Watch histories. It's not in either, but I've been renting discs from them since 2004 and watching instantly since 2007. Wow!

Here's a song I really love that I discovered via the show when it originally aired.


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