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Finally, a break

The new schedule is to exercise Sunday-Friday. I guess now it'll be all walking and yoga (emphasis on walking) until I check out morning laps. I'll admit, I'm pretty intimidated. I like treading water because I'm a slow swimmer, and I picture the morning lanes being full of tons of fast people. Or maybe nobody's there at all! That would be cool. They also do Parent-Tot swim at the same time, which is weird to me. Is a swimming time for tots at 6am really popular? Guess I'll have to see.

June so far

Since Garrett had to work last Saturday, I went ahead and walked. That was that first day in the gulch and I've been back four times since then. 12 days in a row of activities hasn't been that harsh, thankfully. My feet were a little sore yesterday, but nothing major. Woke up at 5am today with no alarm, which was nice since that's the time I'll be getting up for a walk tomorrow. Maybe I should go somewhere other than the gulch. Sunday morning would be a good time to hit the Langus Riverfront Park.

With the muffins done and everything cleaned up yesterday, I was about to start on the mushroom stroganoff when the guy whose Kindle I found called. I was worried I'd burn garlic or something if I started cooking before he showed up, so I just got all the mise en place done. That took up just the right amount of time, as he showed up right as I dried my hands. He agreed that it probably fell off his car, but I was wrong about the weekend trip part. He doesn't check his answering machine very often, but happened to notice the light flashing as he was looking everywhere for the Kindle. Ha. He refused to take no for an answer, so I ended up with $10 as a reward.

I was really impressed with the flavor of the stroganoff sauce. I substituted white mushrooms for the portobellos because I got a good deal on them, which helped offset the cost of the porcinis. There's an issue on the website and the noodles aren't listed in the recipe, but in the app, it calls for an entire pound of whole grain fettuccine. That just seemed ridiculous to me, so I cooked up about half as much. That amount filled the four containers I set aside perfectly, and the amount of sauce seemed right, too. It all tasted quite nice, hopefully it still will after having been frozen and thawed.

It's been a crazy busy week, but now that my breakfasts and lunches for all of next week are done, I'm ahead for a while.

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