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The road's not so scary, after all

I'm not sure why I wondered yesterday about where to walk today, when I already said Friday that I wanted to definitely hit the Gulch today and leave via the road when it was less busy. So that's what I did. The view when I got to the spot where the road leads out was quite nice today.

Aviation sky

Just before I got to the street, I found a noyf.

I found a noyf

It didn't have anyone's name on it like the Kindle did, and I didn't want it, so I left it there. There were also some nice wildflowers.

Nice wildflowers

I'm paying more attention to wildflowers now because I want to do a bunch in our center flower bed next year. Seems easier. We bought eight kinds of flowers just to see what would happen, and they were mostly looking good, but suddenly--literally overnight--a bunch of weeds showed up. I don't necessarily hate the way they look, but now only four of the bunches of flowers are still alive.

Flowers vs weeds

Anyway, I went all the way to the main road, and I took it.

Today's awesome walk, 4.74 miles in 1:39, 10,203 steps, 490ft gain
(4.74 miles in 1:39, 10,203 steps, 490ft gain)

What I'm referring to is that yellow stretch on the map at the very bottom. It's got a decent enough shoulder, but there are also barriers and a little path next to that. Really nice. That didn't last, though, and once I started heading North again, it was back to the same old tiny shoulders. But I did find where the Schwan's trucks live.


Since it was Sunday and I was going places that are normally busier, and I wanted to go a little further, I went all the way to Mukilteo Speedway. Won't be doing that again. Zig-zagging through the neighborhoods is much nicer. For a while, I walked on the shoulder where backup ferry traffic lines up, but suddenly it became a lane of traffic with no should. I crossed the street to walk on the other side, and just in time, because a whole bunch of traffic came up the hill, probably from the ferry. Glad I missed having to wait for that.

We had a nice brunch with Garrett's parents for Father's Day, which I'm still full from. Will probably just have an apple for dinner.

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