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Food update

I was at the store to pick up wine yesterday, and figured while I was there I should grab the stuff to make another batch of lunches. I'd had the mushroom stroganoff two days in a row and figured if I made another batch of something and ate one helping, I could freeze the rest. With one white bean burger and two helpings of stroganoff in the freezer already, the next batch would put me even more ahead and with nice variety.

Creamed spinach pizza in the FOK app caught my eye, so I grabbed everything I needed for that. It makes two pizzas, so I grabbed thin crusts and decided half a pizza would be a serving. While I was there, I also wanted to find a snack. I've been eating bananas or apples for snacks and wanted something different. These are pretty good.

These are good

The pizza turned out ok. If I wasn't addressing my blood pressure, some salt would have helped a lot. I'll add hot sauce next time I have some, probably tomorrow. And now I don't have to cook again for breakfast or lunch until the week after next if I don't want to. Phew.

I chose today for my weekly meal out. I knew the portions at the Korean place I've been wanting to check out would be huge, so I called in an order to go. They were out of pork katsu, so I went with chicken. Look at all this food!

All this for ten bucks!

The lunch itself was $7.99 and it's definitely enough for two people. I noticed they sell tubs of kimchi, so added that for two bucks. This was all just ten dollars. Nuts. I tipped them $4. There's tons left, so either Garrett can take it for his lunch tomorrow, or I'll make chicken katsu omelets for breakfast Saturday.

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