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The Cuff is a very important place for me

I figure with marriage equality becoming the law across the USA yesterday, I may as well do a post about my own weddings. Lots of you are new friends since then, and others of you were actually there.

I met Garrett at The Cuff on Sunday, November 9th, 2008. I'd never seen him around and was worried I wouldn't again, so I went over and talked to him. That's something I was never good at, but I didn't want to miss my chance. We hit it off and have been together ever since. I had one more date with another guy that was already planned that I didn't feel like canceling, but nothing happened there. Thankfully. That dude's a mess.

We were also at The Cuff when he proposed and asked me to move in a year and a half later. We set the date for November 7th, 2010. Two years to the day later, though not the date because that'd be inconvenient on a Tuesday. Our friend Claire hosted the gathering in the owners' suite in her condo, and the ceremony on building's roof overlooking the bay. We both had best men named Kyle, my awesome friend Shannon officiated, and my workwife4lyfe Jessica agreed to make sure everything ran smoothly at the reception. That was held at our favorite restaurant Amore, which is unfortunately gone now. There was also a happy hour gathering the day before at Broadway Grill, which is also gone.

Me and Dad at happy hour. I miss those awesome carafe drinks from Broadway Grill.

Kyle, Shannon, April, and Garrett talking about something that's making Shannon make that awesome face she makes

Big group! Claire, her mom Val, me, Kyle's brother Drew, Scott, Stacy, Dad, my niece Katie, Shannon, April, Kyle, Garrett. April's husband Steve took this and all the "official" photos. It took me a minute to figure out that it's Drew; can't see his face here, and he's thin as a rail now.

Of course they made us do blowjob shots

Pre-ceremony food. This became our breakfast when the wait at the restaurant nearby was too long.

Getting dressed

Shannon, the officiant

wedding 018
wedding 003
Perfect day, awesome setting

Grooms with Best Kyles

Dad, my brother David, his wife Maria

Dennis and Bev, Garrett's parents

Jessica, mi waifu

Dad and my nieces Tiffany and Katie

G-Man (24)
Signing and notarizing domestic partner forms, durable power of attorney paperwork, wills, and whatever else we all had to do to get as close as possible to a legal marriage before it became available to us.

G-Man (33)
Our Steel Magnolias-inspired cake.

Getting ready to decapitate the cake. I carried the head around on a plate for a while. That's the part we saved to eat on our anniversary and we still have the plate!

Wedding 027
My final girl crush, Sybil. I finally knew I was gay for sure when I just couldn't pull it together to date her. She's awesome. Ok I still have crushes on Nigella Lawson and Antonia Lofaso. :)

G-Man (62)
My mother-in-law, Bev, clearly enjoying herself.

G-Man (56)
Family friend Barb, Dennis, Bev.

Alan and AJ

Christina and Taylor

Chris and Sean

I can't possibly show everyone who was there, but I got everyone to tag their flickr photos, so it's easy to find all 555 that I know about. Oh wait, 554. I see one that someone else unknowingly used that tag on one, haha. There were several you can see on flickr that I wanted to post here, but embedding was disabled.

After the ceremony, we went back to the condo to take the tuxes off, and we had another bottle of champagne with Claire and Val on the roof. There wasn't a reason to go straight home, so a few of us stopped at Bus Stop. It's also closed now! The only businesses this wedding touched that aren't closed now are Pony, where I had my bachelor party, and The Garage, where Garrett had his. Geez.

wedding 052
Jessica, Jayme, Kyle, and Stacy joined us at Bus Stop. Jayme gets a huge gold star for the day. He had to work, but ran over to the wedding reception on his lunch break. More importantly, he was who I was hanging out with the day I spotted Garrett at The Cuff and introduced myself. I totally ditched Jayme for the rest of the night and he was a very good sport about it.

Garrett's Best Kyle gave us the keys to his house in Phoenix for our honeymoon, but after Garrett's bachelor party Friday, our family happy hour Saturday, plus the wedding on Sunday, the poor guy was just too exhausted to get up for our flight. We skipped it and stayed in Seattle and had a nice time. That was my first visit to the Seattle Aquarium!

November 7, 2010 is what we consider our wedding date, but we get a bonus date in the form of an upgrade. Marriage equality became law in Washington State on December 6th, 2012, and we were among those couples who got married on the first day possible, Sunday, December 9th. The back patio at The Cuff, where we met, was closed for the season, but the managers let us use it to have a quick ceremony. This time our friend James officiated, Brad was my witness, and Claire was Garrett's.

Our 2-year anniversary was a few weeks earlier, and I commissioned an amazing family portrait by Tatiana Gill. I've been using my face from that portrait as an avatar on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr almost 100% of the time since.

Cotton Anniversary present, color version

The original ink version of that is now the center of our family photos wall. It also made an excellent wedding cake.

I got sidetracked while trying to send this, here's the full cake
Everyone ate around our crotches for some reason.

Getting married at The Cuff meant a lot of the photos just weren't suited for Facebook.

That day was also immortalized in Tatiana's comic, Living in the Now.
Living in the Now - December 9, 2012

Our marriage certificate.

Today's been fun. Information Society made a rainbow background version of the artwork on that shirt I'm wearing and thanked SCOTUS for the ruling. I let them know I was wearing that shirt when I got married in the comments and they congratulated me! I was actually wearing that shirt the first time I went to Garrett's house, which was when we learned we have the same favorite band. Well, they're my favorite. I'd confirm with him, but he's napping right now. He might like Depeche Mode a smidge more. But my showing up in that shirt was one of those moments for him, just like his Snakes on a Plane DVD I spotted there that day was for me.

In addition to all the good news for the country yesterday, I was treated to an excellent turn of events professionally. All of this stuff, plus Pride tomorrow in Seattle is making for a very wonderful weekend. As long as we don't all get burned to a crisp by the sun tomorrow. It's supposed to be a scorcher.

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