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Bootie scoot riot

After I finished posting yesterday, I decided to do my research on Google Maps before resorting to driving around or scouring the neighborhoods on foot. I found one entrance right away.

Today's awesome walk, 2.92 miles in 1:05, 6,290 steps, 403ft gain
2.92 miles in 1:05, 6,290 steps, 403ft gain

Point A on the map looks like this on Google's Street view:

If you zoom way in, you can even see that there's a gap between residential lots, much like the shortcuts in our neighborhood. Scanning the rest of the map, I believe that may be the last of the entrances on the Western side, unless there's one more where I gave up yesterday. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Today was the first time I climbed up the hill on the residential side to the West. I'd been through the area several times going the other way, which is nicer because of the views. I stopped to admire some flowers and realized I was standing right next to a cat.


It's been ages since a cat I saw out on a walk let me get this close. They usually take off as soon as they see someone, but this one really likes hanging out by those flowers.

The trail entrance I found was a lot prettier than the view from Street View let on.

Trail entrance

Just beyond that entrance, they've made a bike ramp area among the trees. I thought I had a decent picture, but it was so blurry I deleted it. The trails branch off in many directions before and after there, so one could spend tons of time exploring the area.

Unfortunately, my choices led me to a very steep area to get back to the center trail. I eventually decided to sit and scoot down. Not ideal, but so much better than slipping and possibly falling. After today, I've got some new policies and procedures in place. I'll continue to explore those trails, but I'll start from the center and work my way up. I'm also going to keep a towel in the trunk in case I come back filthy so I don't get the driver's seat all dirty. Fortunately I was able to just take the shorts off since I also have tights underneath. I went ahead and modeled that look with the timer when I got back to the car.

"No, I wear the required uniform."

Doable, but the shorts give me pockets so I don't have to add a fanny pack. The safety harness is also usually more visible, I'd unbuckled it by that point. I need to add an extra section on my keychain that will allow my car key to pop off, so I can carry just it and my keys don't rattle so much. I noticed it between songs today, and don't want to be that guy who's rattling around while people are sleeping.

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