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I should have just been lazy

Today's a day off work, and we had a grand old time yesterday at lunch at our neighborhood bar. I woke up a little spacey, but not in pain or anything. Decided to go ahead and do a walk, maybe something easy. I wasn't thinking about all the housework waiting for me when I got back at all. And there was plenty.

I can tell on the maps that trails on the East side of the gulch go up to the Boeing Recreation Center, and I figured I'd end up there at some point. I drove straight there today thinking I might start there, but there are signs everywhere saying it's private property for employees only. I wasn't comfortable leaving the car there, so I drove to my normal spot at the bottom of the gulch.

Today's awesome walk, 6.08 miles in 2:13, 13,078 steps, 615ft gain
6.08 miles in 2:13, 13,078 steps, 615ft gain

This map really tells a story. The recreation center is point A, and I figured it'd be an easy walk there via the roads. Point B, however, is where the roadway becomes a restricted access road. Total bummer. I turned back and almost went all the way to the car on the main trail, but I was dumb and decided to jump back on the trails and try to get back up there. I had a pretty frustrating time. I barely made it up a steep, sandy hill, only to find another one just like it but three times taller once I got up there. I can't imagine anyone ever walks up or down that part, it's just terrifying. Then I followed what I thought was a slightly-overgrown trail that ended up being more like a natural ridge. Tons of thorny vines and I couldn't even get all the way through, so I had to get caught up in all the vines twice.

It was getting really warm and I was getting very thirsty. My heart was pounding, too. Thankfully when I got to the ball fields, there was some relief.


I'm always saying people should avoid water while walking because wet feet blister easily, but I made an exception when I found those sprinklers. The shortcut I previously discovered was nearby, so I headed down.


That neighborhood is so gorgeous. And it was such a relief to arrive there. It's still a ways back to the car from where I took that picture, but at least the rest is downhill or flat, and paved.

Once I got home, I showered, had breakfast, and then jumped right into chores. Then it was time for a Canada Day bbq in Maltby, which was lovely, but also quite warm. More chores once we got back for our bbq tomorrow. I'm wiped.


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