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Friday's crazy walk and chores plus the chores and party Saturday ended up being a one-two punch for my lower back. I set out for an easy walk this morning, but didn't get very far. I might have powered through with breaks, but my iPod's battery was dead and Pandora quit working because there's no service in the gulch.

So the morning wouldn't be a complete waste, I pulled up the fencing around our yard that Garrett put up to keep the croquet balls from rolling down into the property behind us. I also pulled all the kale out of the garden and tossed it into the food and yard waste bin because we don't care for this particular kind. Too bad, as it's the only thing that really grew well.

I've got some cooking to do today for upcoming breakfasts and lunches. There's a little more post-party organizing to take care of, and I guess a bit of yoga is in order. Except for cooking, I'll mostly just be keeping as cool as possible. The heat out there's gross.

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