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Why did I forsake thee, yoga?

Getting back on the mat yesterday and today has been quite an eye-opener. It's easy when I'm walking six days a week to ignore the aches and pains that come with it, but doing yoga really throws them into focus. Even if I'm getting all the exercise I want from walking, I guess it's time for yoga at least once or twice a week on top of that for maintenance purposes.

We picked up a few plants for the deck. I'm really into this one.

Awesome new plant

I picked this up for the orange bathroom at our friend Barbara's garage sale. It's a year older than I am!

Orange bathroom update

We've only had one of two light bulbs working in that bathroom for a while now, and just the one was enough for the room. I figured it would be cool to add a second one that's orange.

Orange bathroom update

Too bad I chipped the queen in the process. Luckily that's not really noticeable at eye level. I love entering the bathroom now because the orange light comes on faster than the plain one, so you see the room bathed in orange first. It's fun.

The BC wildfires continue to give us strange sunrises.

More wildfire haze

I fiddled with it in Aviary on Flickr a bit. I almost never do that but the sun blended into the surrounding sky too much.

My break until Sunday from walking was well-timed. I slipped on the steep part of our grass while moving the sprinkler this morning and hurt my shin and ankle. They just feel tender now, but I think the break will help. New rule: no flip-flops on wet grass.


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