christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

A change of pace

Normally by the time I might want to do yoga or go for a walk, Sam and Steve have made their way upstairs. Usually, Sam can be found sleeping on Garrett's bed, and Steve will either be on their upstairs tower, snoozing on one of the dining room chairs, or waiting to follow me to my room so I can open my blinds and he can jump up to that windowsill.

Today, Sam was sitting downstairs, looking intently out the French doors. I really didn't want to bother him, so I decided to finally try yoga in my room. I felt doubly good about this decision when I found Steve clawing away at the bottom of his cardboard box downstairs when I came down to grab the mat. Sam was still staring outside, too.

Yoga on carpet's a little weird. Nicer on the knees, sure, but it's weird to reach off the mat and feel something squishy. That led to me trying harder to stay completely on the mat, which meant more moving around on it. It's doable, but not preferable.

Since I had all the stuff I needed to make another batch of Tuscan white bean burgers except for basil and buns, I decided to grab those items and go ahead and make them today, then freeze them. Now that I'm home, I can't find my sun-dried tomatoes. I could go out for more tomatoes, but I think I'll just substitute kalamata olives instead. Another change of pace.


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