christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Happy trails to me

You ever look at an animal and really identify with it? This morning, Steve looked just like I felt. I could almost hear him saying, "I gotta get out there."


I saw something on the trail today that I haven't seen in years. White dog poop! Remember when there was white dog poop everywhere?

white dog poop

And at one point, I couldn't help but feel watched.


It looks a lot like another house I've seen on Capitol Hill in Seattle before. They both look like creepy dog faces when you can see more of them.

The walk today was glorious. My back was a little bit stiff for the first mile, but actually felt pretty good after that. It was cool and cloudy the whole time, and even rained a little bit! I didn't realize how much until I got back to the car.

Yay, it rained!

Today's route:

Today's awesome walk, 4.51 miles in 1:27, 9,698 steps, 497ft gain
4.51 miles in 1:27, 9,698 steps, 497ft gain

I'm going to consider this my default route for now. It's really great because it's a nice big climb in the woods followed by a very scenic walk down on pavement. Plus there's lots of options on the trails if I'm feeling more adventurous. The only real drawback is that it's six miles away, so that's some extra driving. Not a huge deal, but it's weird buying gas that much more often.


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