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Due to some changes at work that aren't really worth explaining, I'm working for a new company as of July 1st even though I'm at my same job. My credentials in the system finally switched over yesterday. I didn't have to go get the new badge and return my equipment to the old employer yesterday, but I'd been dying to try the new laptop and that required the new badge and trip to campus for initial setup first. It took an hour to get out there and everything took a lot longer than I expected, but it worked out nicely because I got to have a birthday sushi lunch with my brother and sister-in-law. All of that, plus liking and responding to all the FB birthday messages made for an extremely busy day, and I'm definitely not used to those any more.

Even though I was exhausted, the evening was still very fun. I've been wanting to go to our neighborhood bar for Taco Tuesday for ages now, so I'm glad my birthday was on Tuesday this year. The tacos were awesome and cheap, $1 for beef and $2 for chicken. The bartender bought me my first drink, and Garrett even ran to the store a few doors over and got me a tart with a candle and Happy Birthday ring.

The bar also has Naughty Bingo on Tuesdays. The prizes are things like lube and sex toys. We didn't win either of the two rounds we played, but that's fine. The winners had to go up in front of everyone, take the prize out of the bag, and show it off.

Naughty Bingo

I already think that once you hit a certain age, a party every year isn't really necessary. We'll be hosting big July 4th parties going forward, too, so another party ten days later isn't really necessary. A nice mellow evening at our regular hangout really hit the spot.

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