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Apparently, I've got a knack

My plan today was that "default" loop up through the center of the gulch and back down via the residential area to the West. As I approached the spot by where I do my stretches when I get there, a woman who was leaving with her dog told me she lost her phone on the Western trails and that she'd hung a sign with another number in case I found it. Challenge accepted! I told her I'd keep an eye out for it and went up the Western trails instead of the center.

Today's awesome walk, 3.18 miles in 1:17, 6,828 steps, 403ft gain
3.18 miles in 1:17, 6,828 steps, 403ft gain

I wasn't super jazzed about those trails, though. They're steep enough that I felt some tenderness in my left shin where I hurt it recently. In fact, I ended up having to use my hands to help go up the steepest one because my back foot kept slipping back.

Shortly after that, I found the phone! It was in this weird little area where the trail splits and immediately comes back together, and the phone was on the little triangle formed by the higher portion of the trail. Wanting to get back a little sooner than normal so I could try to get the phone returned to her, I headed for the exit I found recently, which is below the lowest point on today's map. I said earlier that I thought that particular spot was the last exit point on the West side, but it turns out I was very wrong. I found two more today!

Point A on the map. I turned back, though, still hoping to exit further South. To get here, I went by the area that's right by some houses that I previously didn't want to use because there were a lot of branches everywhere and I didn't want to make noise, but it looked fine today.

Point B on the map. This street is so nice. A few big houses on one side only with the gulch behind their back yards, plus no houses across the street, just more conservation land. Absolutely beautiful. A little bit further, the neighborhood becomes the typical grid of houses that look just a bit too much alike, and then after that there are some cooler older ones.

When I got back to the car, I popped over to the trail to grab the sign so nobody would bother looking for a phone that was already found.


I left a message with my phone number and email, and missed her call by two minutes while I was showering. Thankfully, she followed up via email. So much easier that way. I decided the easiest way was to leave it at her house for her, and I ran a couple of errands on the way back.

I wonder what type of personal electronic device I'll find next.


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