christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

I had't planned on posting about today's walk

My plan for the day was that default loop and I didn't deviate from it.

I ended up seeing gooooooooooats!


Since I took their picture, I grabbed a shot of something that's been bothering me. It's ok to go below the line, Joe.

It's ok to go under the line

I wonder if this is really two different people.

Two different people?

Realizing I was down to three lunches in the freezer, I got on the Forks Over Knives app when I was at the store and decided to get the stuff for this pasta recipe. It ended up being way too tomato-y because I forgot to check off tomato paste when I bought it to make ketchup earlier, which led to me buying it and thinking it belonged in this one. I also did a terrible job cooking the lentils. It was my first time. The recipe's decent, but if I make it again, I'll substitute white beans for the lentils because I think it'd taste good, and yellow onion for the leeks because leeks are a pain.


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