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Surprisingly easy

I hadn't been on the Eastern trails in the gulch since the scary hot day when I found myself tangled up in spiky vines off the trail, overheating, and starting to worry. This morning was cool and cloudy, so I decided to have another go at it.

Today's awesome walk, 4.6 miles in 1:39, 9,886 steps, 472ft gain
Today's awesome walk, 4.6 miles in 1:39, 9,886 steps, 472ft gain

The Southernmost trail entrance to the Eastern side is almost at the very end of the center trail, point A. I'd entered there before, but today's plan was to take only right turns so that I'd end up at the recreation center. That only took me off the trail once, at point B, but I was able to jump back on. The area directly West of the ballfields you was where I was so miserable last time, but approaching from the South was quite nice.

This poor tree. :(


I saw quite a few of these. I really like how brilliant that shade of purple is.


You'd think having just passed the 3,000 mile mark since I started keeping track of these walks, I might be better at visualizing a route and estimating how far it is. I'm terrible at it. I planned when I emerged at point C to check the map and see how far it'd be to leave via the road I took into there yesterday, then loop around on the route I briefly considered taking. I was thinking it'd be a few more miles, but it was seven. Pass.

So instead of heading straight North to my normal way out, I walked around the outer edge of the ballfields to see how many more entrances to the trail I could spot. I saw three, and there might even be one more by the recreation center building. Lots more to explore.

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