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Above it all

At the Northernmost point of my route yesterday, I very nearly climbed up to the follow the next set of roads that lead back South again, but thought better of it, and decided to walk up there today instead. This turned out to be one of the best routes I've taken up here, at least in terms of things to look at.

Today's awesome walk, 5.47 miles in 1:45, 11,752 steps, 216ft gain

This is right at the entrance of the complex on the waterfront. I hadn't been able to figure out what it is, and clicking on it on Google Maps didn't say either. I had to search the address, and discovered it's an old Weyerhaeuser office building, and it's on the national register of historic places.

Historic Weyerhaeuser Office Building

The City of Everett recently sued Kimberly-Clark over the state they left this property in after they demolished their facility here. It was supposed to be grass, but they left gravel behind.

Former Kimberly-Clark site

This is Abby!


She's the third of three cats I saw today. One was grooming in a yard, one was asleep on a porch, and I spotted Abby from a couple of blocks away. She was laying on the sidewalk, and when she saw me coming, she got up and walked toward me! I leaned down to pet her, and she followed me for a bit. I was probably beaming when I noticed her owners were sitting on their porch smoking. They told me her name and that she thinks she's a dog. I hope I see her every time I walk by.

Just after where Abby lives, the neighborhood starts to get really swanky. Most of the houses are older, but kept up very well. The landscaping is generally very nice. Every house on the West side of the street has an amazing view of the water out the back windows and from their back yards. The only real downside would be the noise from passing trains down below, and I highly doubt it bothers anyone who lives in this gorgeous area. Luckily everyone gets to enjoy the views because three blocks (16th-19th, point A on the map) were set aside as a park.

Grand Avenue Park

Naval Station Everett views from the park.

Naval Station Everett
Naval Station Everett

You can see the entire waterfront from up there. Click through to flickr for bigger versions of this one.

Everett waterfront from Grand Avenue Park

Park mosaics.

Grand Avenue Park mosaics
Grand Avenue Park, Eagle Mosaic

Neat car.

Neat car

Ham radio?

Ham radio?

The further North you go, the bigger the houses get. There are several million-dollar mansions. I didn't take photos because I was thinking I might grab screenshots of the whole street from the air at some point, but I wanted to get a shot of this gas streetlamp.

Gas streetlamp

One last shot of the water from down below just before I got to the car.


This is a really wonderful route that I'll surely repeat. There's only one bad thing. I had to cross Marine View Drive at the entrance to American Legion Memorial Park, point B on the map. It's a wide, busy street and there's no crosswalk, but you're clearly supposed to cross there because there's a wheelchair ramp in the sidewalk across the street. The next intersection is a half mile down the street in the wrong direction if you're headed toward the water. I don't think pedestrians should have to go a mile out of their way just to cross a street safely.


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