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Shin shinnery, shin shinnery

Continuing my several-day break from the gulch in consideration of my poor left shin, I decided to plan another new street route today. One of my obsessions has been to find every North-South route in the area, and after today, I may have seen them all.

Today's awesome walk, 4.28 miles in 1:26, 9,205 steps, 316ft gain
4.28 miles in 1:26, 9,205 steps, 316ft gain

How funny that on a day I was giving my left shin a break, both of them started hurting when I set out. This happens once in a while and I don't really know why. Thankfully, I found a bench to sit on right by the 1-mile mark. They were fine pretty soon after my little break there.

The route today was designed around finally seeing Seahurst Avenue, Elm Street, and West Highland Road, the last of the obvious ways to go North or South without hitting a dead between my neighborhood and the Western shores of Mukilteo. There might be a couple of shortcuts or trails left between neighboring streets, but the only spot where it really looks like it is a retention pond that may or may not have space to walk by the fence that surrounds it.

Of course now that I say that I'm noticing several more little cul-de-sacs that might have their own trails into the woods. Figures.

One spot where I was not expecting to find a little trail was point A on the map.


It ended up being just a quick shortcut to the next street over, but it was nice. Once I got there, I found myself at a really cool neighborhood park that had its own little trail, point B on the map. Near where I marked that point, I saw what might be another trail going further North, but it was pretty overgrown and I was trying to keep today easy. I'll check it out another time and do some research online. I decided to grab a pic of the park on the way out to show how desperately we need rain.


The first part of the walk was pretty unpleasant because there's always so much traffic on Mukilteo Boulevard and the shoulder is so narrow. One car even honked as it went by as if to say I had no right to be there. Seahurst Avenue was quite the opposite. You'd think looking at the map that Seahurst and Glennwood would be pretty similar, but they couldn't be any different. Glennwood's a typical busy road with a lot of run-down houses, but Seahurst is like being out in the country. And it's high enough above Glennwood that it's got killer views.

I was hoping to find a shortcut from Seahurst to Glennwood so I wouldn't have to walk along Mukilteo Boulevard again. No such luck, but I spotted a plane in the Google Maps satellite photo.

Plane spotted in Google Maps


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