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Hidden delights

I mentioned on Thursday that I was almost positive I'd found all the North-South routes in the area, but I've still been poking around on the map, which is how I spotted this:

(Actual Google Street View image! Not bad, eh?)

Yesterday's awesome walk, 4.48 miles in 1:30, 9,644 steps, 456ft gain
4.48 miles in 1:30, 9,644 steps, 456ft gain

That street view screenshot is point A on the map. I hoped it might lead to point B, but instead, the trail wraps around the backs of the houses on three cul-de-sacs in this neighborhood. It's not very long, so I can't imagine it gets much use. The local teenagers probably have clearings in the woods nearby to do their teenager stuff, and good for them if that's the case. This neighborhood is very far from literally anything.

There's a little park and wooded area you can walk a ways down into at C.

Dumbest place ever for a basketball hoop

That is such a stupid place for a basketball hoop. I wonder how many people have missed and watched their ball roll downhill into the woods, never to be seen again.

I also explored a little neighborhood shortcut, point D. It doesn't really go anywhere, but I'm sure it's handy for the people on that side of the subdivision. Once I emerged from that neighborhood, I basically had three options. Double back the way I came, which would have been boring, take the awesome street down that I took the day before, or head over to the Narbeck trail I posted about here. That's what I ended up doing, and I'm glad I did. It's an awesome climb, even if the death stairs are a little scary.

What I didn't really make a note of last time is how well-maintained this trail is.

Narbeck trail

That thing is 3-8 times wider than any other similar trail I've seen. It's quite nice. I'd love to know who does all this work.

One strange thing I saw Friday was a pink Honey Bucket at a construction site. I've never seen one before that wasn't green or gray.

Pink Honey Bucket

This has been a truly wonderful week. I want to walk at least 30 miles every week, and this was the first week that I've managed to in over a year due to back pain.


It lists seven workouts but only shows six walks. The seventh was mowing the lawn. :)

I also recently passed the 3,000 mile mark since I started keeping track of these walks. That was a pretty cool milestone.


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