christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Nu Shooz

I knew after yesterday's eight miles that I'd be a little sore heading out today, so I figured I may as well break in my new shoes.

New shoes

If these look familiar, it's because this is my tenth or so pair of the same shoe. I like this kind a lot, and they went on sale for $25 pretty frequently. I think I paid full price exactly once, and would buy every pair my size they had any time I could find them. Alas, the streak's over. They were on clearance the last time I saw them for sale, and none of the local store locations had any my size. The pair I wore today's been waiting in a cabinet for five months or so.

I guess this is the kind I'll try next.

Pretty similar. I'll grab some as soon as they go on sale.

Spotted this lovely slug as I set out on the trail. I love the ones with patterns.

Slug of the day

Sketchy as hell.


Come on, Daniela. If you're gonna litter, you need to tear your name off first.


No need to post today's route because it was that "default" loop I've posted about before. I briefly considered popping back into the gulch on the West side now that I know a couple more entrances. I stayed on my route, though, because I worried that the route would be shorter if I went in, and I need at least 4.5 miles a day the rest of the week if I want to hit 30 miles again.

My neighbor's daughter's visiting and her dog is running around in the back yard. I've already told her it's ok. All the neighborhood cats get to run around in our yard, no reason we can't have the occasional dog visitor.


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