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Northern exposure

The last time I walked at the North end of town, I noted that there definitely needs to be a crosswalk at the intersection near Legion Memorial Park. I did my civic duty that day and filed a report on the city's website, and am happy to say they got back to me very early the next day! They're aware of the need, and have applied for a grant that they're pretty sure they'll get based on the feedback they got on their application. Unfortunately, it'll take a year for it to be installed, if indeed it does happen.

Today's awesome walk, 5.04 miles in 1:32, 10,833 steps, 273ft gain
5.04 miles in 1:32, 10,833 steps, 273ft gain

Point A on the map is what I'm referring to, and while it's treacherous to cross there no matter what, it's particularly difficult when heading North because the road curves away from your line of sight in both directions. I crossed the other way today, and it was pretty easy, though that was early and I bet it takes forever to get a break when there's a lot of traffic. Part of what I wanted to check out today was what the journey's like between that point and the next crosswalk a half mile away, point B. But I saved that for the end.

I took this picture to remind myself to put some damn sunglasses in the damn car.


This is the Legion Memorial Golf Course, as seen from point C.

Legion Memorial Golf Course

See how the map shows the whole thing as Legion Memorial Park? I was quite surprised the first time I went over there and discovered the park is just the part in the black box. The rest is golf course. Womp womp.

The walk back along W Marine View Drive was pretty unpleasant. It's a loud highway and any views that it might have are blocked by trees. There are some smelly industrial areas, too. I'll stick to the West side when it's necessary to take it down to the waterfront or back up to the nice neighborhood, but I don't see a need to hang around the Eastern side again.


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