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Progress and Rewards

Once I decided yesterday that I wouldn't be heading West this morning to come back to the car, I figured today would finally be the day I explored the rest of trails on the East side of the gulch, near the recreation center. Turns out those are the nicest ones, which makes sense, since Boeing maintains them for employee use.

My most common routine of climbing up via the center trail has been pretty good to me. It's a challenging climb, and I'm feeling the benefits from doing it so often. Spending so much time on the trails is helping, too. I can navigate them more quickly, using momentum from downhill spots to launch me partway up the next slope. The way trails are built into the terrain also influences how I carry myself along them; it's better for a trail to zig-zag up a steep hill, and by turning my feet out a bit, I can climb a steeper trail without overextending my foot.

I knew I'd probably end up heading down one of my least favorite spots to head down, but it was worth it.

Today's awesome walk, 4.31 miles in 1:43, 9,271 steps, 457ft gain
4.31 miles in 1:43, 9,271 steps, 457ft gain

The woods in the morning are so magical, I don't know why more people aren't out enjoying them.


The area down below the ballfields (A) is pretty neat. I think I've gone that way from the South, but approaching from the West, the view was pretty great. There's enough of a clearing and enough of a drop that you can see across the gulch to the other side with the morning sun behind you.


That drop is where I found myself stuck off the trail that one time. It's pretty from above but pretty inhospitable if you end up there.


I normally don't like turning back and going the way I came, but I decided to do that a few times today so I could see more of the trails. That was a good choice because I found another way onto the trails, point B. A little bit after that, something I've worried about finally happened. I turned the corner on a trail, and just then someone right above me where I was just before said hi. He was on a mountain bike, and there was enough room for me to quickly step aside. We exchanged good mornings, and he said it was him and two more bikes behind him, plus a dog. I said thanks, and that I had no idea how they do it. He shrugged it off and said it was a lot of fun.

The dog was pretty far behind them and he ran past me like I wasn't even there. A nice change of pace from all the dogs who have jumped at me while their runner owners barely paid attention.

And speaking of dogs, the dog park was hopping when I got back to the car. There's usually maybe one or two cars when I get back, but today there were seven or so. It was so odd that I got distracted and almost forgot to turn off the walking app when I got back to the car.

I suppose my next step is to do a big loop around the gulch instead of starting in the center. I think it's doable if I go counterclockwise. Maybe Sunday.

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