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No more shortcuts

Today I checked the last of the spots where I suspected there may be shortcuts allowing North-South passage through the region where I've been walking. I found a shortcut today, but it only led to the street next to the one I was on instead of the one across.

I spotted this retention pond on the map recently and hoped to be able to go around it on the West side, but there was only a way by it on the East, which is how I got to the next street over.

Where I emerged is point A on today's map.

Today's awesome walk, 4.6 miles 1:37, 9,886 steps, 364ft gain
4.6 miles 1:37, 9,886 steps, 364ft gain

That street was much nicer than the one I climbed up. Absolutely beautiful. And the views were crazy. Today was the first time I ever saw Jetty Island from up above like that.

Jetty Island

True to form, I was there on garbage day.


Even the weeds in that neighborhood are beautiful.


The landscaping at that particular house is really, really nice. I regret not grabbing a photo, so here's the Street View version. Picture this, but with a few more years of growth and maintenance. Gorgeous.


After exploring those two streets, I'd only gone 1.7 miles. I needed a little more distance for the day, so I decided to head over to Howarth Park (point B) to answer some questions I've had.

Was the renovation at the restrooms complete? Yes! and they used that pattern that used to be on the tables at Wendy's. Odd choice, but I love it.

Park bathroom decorated with the old Wendy's table print

Does the water fountain near the restrooms work? No. I can't think of a working outdoor water fountain anywhere in Everett except Forest Park. It's frustrating.

Is that bridge still out down below? Does it lead to the beach?

Well, the staircase is scary as hell.


It's a neat little path down there, and I can see that it's not impossible to go where the bridge used to be. But it's pretty steep and I won't do it. At least not until the beach is officially open. I feel like maybe I've gone down there before, but I'm not positive and it's not worth searching for the answer. :)

Did those guys I saw with a bucket at Harborview Park (C) know a way down to a beach? And if so, did they have plausible deniability since it's almost certainly off limits?

Maybe. I found a cleared path and there was a sign that a bunch of people had spraypainted over. It probably says No Trespassing.

Today's walk made the second 30+ mile week. I'm very happy about this.

This week's awesome walks

I'm also glad it's Friday. It's good to have a break after six days straight.

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