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Climbing and Climbing Some More

Pulled my hydration pack out of the closet yesterday and cleaned it so I could use it today. I wanted to go even further than last week and knew it would be dumb to head out without it.

Let's get physical, physical #yesfilter

If you're thinking that photo looks like an Instagram shot, it's because it is. I got a new phone yesterday and finally decided to join. If you'd like to connect there, my handle is xtopher575. I'm sad I couldn't get christopher575, or c575, or x575, or even fivesevenfive. Oh well.

The new phone's got a really wonderful camera.


I stopped here for a photo so I could compare the quality to the one I took a week ago with the old phone.


The only thing I set out to do specifically today was the perimeter trail at the Narbeck Wetland Sanctuary.


It's a pretty nice trail, though I don't know how often I'll go back. Their hours don't work too well with how early I'm out walking these days. When winter comes, I might go out later since it'll be pitch black when I like to go now. Anyway, the trees were nice.


The phone does quite well close up without even having to change modes.


Today's awesome walk, 9.44 miles in 3:10, 20,298 steps, 652ft gain
9.44 miles in 3:10, 20,298 steps, 652ft gain

Once I was done with the wetland sanctuary, I had a few choices. I decided to explore the roads in the upper portion of Boulevard Bluffs since I'd never been there before. I decided to just enter the neighborhood and follow the sidewalk all the way around the entire thing, taking every right turn. It's a pretty neighborhood with some nice views, but kinda cookie cutter and dull. Definitely a nice quiet place to go when I want to get some miles in without having to go very far away. I went almost four miles just in that one neighborhood!

As I got near to where I parked, I realized I still had quite a bit of energy left, so I went over to the trails for a bit. I didn't enter where I meant to, but I did manage to walk a nice section of trail I didn't recognize.

I went ahead and paid for a year of MVP on MapMyRun because I was curious how many walks I've done that were longer than today's. MVPs can export their walk history into a spreadsheet, so I did that and sorted it. Today was my 30th longest walk. I've had:
14 of them between 9 and 10 miles
12 between 10 and 11
3 between 11 and 12
4 between 12 and 13
3 between 13 and 14

And finally, my longest walk ever was 14.54 miles. I've recorded 1,073 walks totaling 3,071 miles, in 1,016 hours.

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