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Take it easy, on yourself

After such a long walk yesterday, I figured it'd be best to do something easy today. The easiest walk I know is the Lowell Riverfront Trail, and I haven't spent much time there lately, so I headed down. And I planned ahead for all the gates to be closed, since I always get there too early. Fortunately, it's easy to park on the street nearby and enter the trails from a pedestrian bridge that goes over the railroad tracks. It's quite lovely once you enter.


I thought I'd be able to see how much progress they've made on the new subdivision down there, but they've built the terrain up surprisingly high. It wouldn't be impossible to climb up and have a look, but I also don't feel like it'd be worth it. The hills look neat with all the heavy equipment tracks.


It was really pretty out. I took a lot more pictures than I'll include in this post, but they're on flickr if want to see.




River panorama.


I saw a hot air balloon, which was pretty unusual for Washington. I'm from the hot air balloon capital of the world, so it was neat to see.


I don't know what these are, but they remind me of an old department store logo from back home.


Saw a set of Truck Nuts in the wild when I got back to the car. I don't think guys who have these have given much thought to the images they conjure up. I mostly just picture them bent over for a buggering.


Today's awesome walk, 4.09 miles in 1:34, 8,789 steps, 51ft gain
4.09 miles in 1:34, 8,789 steps, 51ft gain

Not sure why I bothered including the climb info, 51 feet is practically nothing.

This place is the most popular walking spot I've been to in Everett and I'm a little baffled by its popularity. It's nice and quiet, and flat, but it's also a bit out of the way, and it's also the place where I've seen the most evidence of camping and other sketchy activity. A lot of it is paved, which I suppose is a big plus for a lot of people.


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