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Elation and frustration

I'm skipping my walk tomorrow, so I've been trying to go a little further than normal the rest of the days this week. I figured today I could hit the beach as well as the gulch, which would give me a couple of extra miles. Of course, as is always the case for me, the gates at the beach parking lot were closed. So I drove back up to my regular parking spot at the gulch and walked down to the beach before walking back up.

Today's awesome walk, 6.59 miles in 2:21, 14,177 steps, 606ft gain
6.59 miles in 2:21, 14,177 steps, 606ft gain

This is on the alternate access path to the beach. I don't think it's supposed to be unlocked. It's creepy.


The beach really is lovely. I saw two people there running with their dogs on the path and another one playing fetch with their dog in the water.


However, this portapotty is dumb. There's a sign on the front saying to reserve it for users with disabilities, but they put it on a step that wheelchairs can't get onto. I'll contact them about it.

Handicap portapotty placed on a raised platform inaccessible to wheelchairs.

Every time I can't park somewhere because the gates are closed, they open by the time I walk by after parking somewhere else. Never fails.


I love this mailbox. They also have a matching bench.


I should get some of these for our neighborhood.


I decided to reverse my normal direction when using the Eastern trails of the gulch. I usually leave via the recreation center and hop over to a shortcut that leads to a very steep residential street. Today was the first time I climbed up it. It was a tough climb, but I'm getting used to tough climbs.

When I arrived in the trails, my iPod happened to play the "forest chase" music from Heathers. Nice timing.


Walking my normal trails backwards was quite an experience. It's almost like being on a whole new trail. My sense of direction became completely shot. At point A on the map, I should have been able to find a way to head further South, but ended up completing a loop. It was a pretty cool loop, though, and I look forward to doing it again. However, I never found my way South again, and the path between points A and B on the map is now my least favorite part of the entire gulch.

It's clearly designed as a rollercoaster for daredevil mountain bikers, and it's awful to walk on. Picture the path a pendulum swinging very high back and forth would carve into space if it was also moving down a hill. In order to get down, you have to keep climbing up and down steep, sandy hills. Just awful. I've actually seen parts of it from other nearby trails and had no idea I was looking at a bike trail. I thought it was just parts of the hillside that had eroded away. Next time I'm in the area, I need to go my normal direction and then walk back the same way so I never wander into that awful part again.

Saw a very cute little snake and he recoiled a bit as I went by so I know he wasn't dead.


Even though I'm taking tomorrow off, I've already gotten my 30 miles in for the week! Awesome.



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