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Chipping away at the shortfall

Friday and Saturday were busy with the traveling back and forth, so I decided to skip my Sunday walk and snuggle with Steve in bed. I knew I'd be hearing from Garrett on his way back from Abbottsford and meeting him over at his parents' house, too, and my Sunday walks tend to run a little long. So I figured I might try to make up the miles throughout the week.

I ended up walking a few miles in Port Angeles with the app on, which brought last week's total up to 33. Not that I'm carrying the extras over or anything. I still want to hit 30 this week, so I'll try for extra miles each day.

Another thing I wanted to do was complete a center-to-Eastern loop today to figure out where things went wrong last week when I got lost. I figured it out, and it's really too dumb to bother explaining. One thing I will say is that if I'd gone another 10 feet or so, I might have taken the right path instead of that awful mountain bike rollercoaster one.

Things were fine and dandy going the normal direction today, except for one of those semi-regular bouts of shin and calf pain that forces me to take a break. It didn't last long, though, and I really enjoyed the rest of the walk. From the trails, I thought I saw a big fog bank rolling in, and wanted to go down to the beach to be in it. It turns out that was just a reflection of the clouds, but it was started to sprinkle, and I went down to the beach anyway. After stopping for a quick pic of the sun breaking through the cloud cover.


Today's awesome walk, 6.74 miles in 2:29, 14,500 steps, 668ft gain
6.74 miles in 2:29, 14,500 steps, 668ft gain

Not much to note today, though I did finally see the Mukilteo Community Center because I walked back up the hill on a different road than I usually take.

Mukilteo Community Center

I'm curious what used to be there.



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