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The movie of my life requires a soundtrack

Since I'm trying to get extra miles in throughout the week, I set out pretty early this morning. Between trying to get out the door quickly and also being as quiet as possible, I managed to forget my iPod. I really don't like walking anywhere but the beach without music, but the gulch is six miles from home and I wasn't going to drive an extra 12 miles and sacrifice all the extra time I'd gained by leaving early. To make matters worse, one of my least favorite songs ever was the last thing I heard before getting out of the car, and I had it in my head the entire time.

When I noticed a nice sunrise was starting, I wished I'd gone to Langus Riverfront Park and Spencer Island instead. It's big and flat, so you see a lot more of the sky. I still managed to get a few pictures of the sunrise, though.


I didn't want it to be too dark when I got into the gulch, so I parked there and then headed up into the residential area on the West side of it that I've come back to the car through so many times. When I finally entered up at Goat Trail Loop, there were three mountain bikers getting ready to ride. They may have been the same ones from that other time, but if they were, they didn't bring a dog.

My route today took me into the gulch, back out, and then back in at another point on the other side, and I was hoping to get out before those guys caught up with me. Not that it's a big deal when we meet up or anything, I just figured I'd try to stay out of their way. That side of the gulch is a much better place be when sharing with them; there are tons more clearings and flat areas and space to step off. They eventually caught up.

Guy 1: "Hi there. Two more behind me."
Guy 2: "Hey."
Guy 3: "Whoa! Hey."

Guess guy 3 wasn't expecting me. And it sounded a bit like they might have lost him, because I heard them yelling a few minutes later trying to find each other. That made me wonder how many other days they'd been around and I didn't even know because I never heard them over my music. I also wondered why so many birds sound like crying children and weird dogs, and why there are apparently 1,000 seagulls hanging around over at Boeing.

This is one of my favorite streets that I regularly walk on.


Not that it's particularly special for walking, I just think the people who live there are very lucky. What you see on the left is a wooded area that has a big office building and two more zoned industrial areas for sale beyond that. No telling what will be there in the future, but for now, it's all woods and it's right next to the gulch. On the right is a row of houses that sit way back on huge properties. Here's what it looks like on Zillow's map.

Each of those plots is 3-4 times the size of the ones in the streets around it. Pretty nice.

This mailbox is across from those houses toward the next corner, and it cracks me up. Guess they got tired of people trashing it while driving by.


Back in the gulch, I managed to get a shot of part of that scary-ass mountain bike rollercoaster I won't shut up about.


Those sections of path are almost vertical! It's nuts! I'd just seen the bike guys down below on the center trail a few minutes earlier, and kind of wished they'd catch up and go on that just so I could see someone actually do it. There was no telling if they were even coming that way or how long it would take, though, so I kept going.

Found this on the road by the recreation center. Recreation center, indeed.


Today's awesome walk, 7.25 miles in 2:38, 15,598 steps, 530ft gain
7.25 miles in 2:38, 15,598 steps, 530ft gain

Normally when I get to point A on the map, I turn left and head to the main road. Since I'm looking for extra miles, I went right, so I got to see some houses I've never seen before. This one has its own little vineyard! What a cool idea. I hope they make their own wine.


I really need to start using the Body Glide again for these longer walks. My ass is on fire.

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