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With what I've done so far this week, I only needed to do 5.5 miles today-Friday to get to 30 miles for the week. Since I'd wished yesterday that I could have seen the sunrise from Langus Riverfront Park, I decided to go there today. I even plotted a course ahead of time so I wouldn't go too much over what I needed.

Here's what I was going to do.

The reason I didn't want to connect either loop is that I don't particularly like either spot this route avoids. 4th St SE is a big dirt and gravel road, and the gravel is big and painful to walk on. Lots of service vehicles go back and forth around there, too. As far as the loop on the lower right, that part is usually quite overgrown, and I've always emerged soaking wet and covered with burrs and pollen and webs. Plus, last time, I fell down after slipping on wet grass.

Had to stop the car for a photo near the entrance of the park because I've never seen a white rabbit in Everett before.

A rare white rabbit in a city of brown bunnies

The sunrise wasn't as spectacular as yesterday's, but it was still really nice. I took tons of photos that you can find on flickr, here are a few.


I saw a seal again, but couldn't get a shot set up before she went underwater. At least I got these geese.


I wonder what the story is here.




This place makes me want to get rollerblades again. Though I'm not sure where else I might use them.


Today's actual route. No need to list the climb because that place is very flat.

Today's awesome walk, 7.32 miles in 2:25, 15,749 steps
7.32 miles in 2:25, 15,749 steps

I turned back at point A, as planned, but wasn't really paying attention and walked right past point B when I came back around. Turns out, they've cleaned up the trail a lot, and the growth I'd seen at point A wasn't really much at all. That whole area now looks like this:


That's easily over ten feet wide. Very nice. It led to me going way further than I planned today, but that's the kind of problem I like having.

The whole area's really nice. There are several of these boardwalks that lead to bird watching areas.


And there's always something to see by the river.


The worst thing about going there is that the entrance to the highway when you leave has no length to get up to speed to merge. It's pretty unnerving to turn directly onto a busy highway once there's a gap big enough to floor it to get up to speed.

Today turned out to be the longest walk of the week so far even though I set out to do the shortest. Funny.


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