christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

One mission accomplished, another begins

I've been trying to find a nice spoon rest for five years or so. Ridiculous, I know, but there was never any reason to grab one I didn't like because I have other objects I use instead. One's a sentimental small plate, and the other's a platter I found while thrifting that was so ugly I had to have it. I was at Value Village today looking for other things, and found this.

New spoon rest, $2.

Not 30 minutes later, the keychain I cobbled together recently broke for the third time. I've actually been hunting for the next great keychain longer than I have for a spoon rest, but I've made do with the parts from my beloved perfect keychain that I carried for 15 years or so. When I got it, it was a purple chain with a nice clip on it. My favorite thing about it was that the chain was long enough that I could clip it to a beltloop and let the keys dangle into a pocket, which was great for raves and other times I was worried about losing them. When I didn't worry about it, I could clip it to itself and it was a perfect size. My new mission is to find a keychain as good as that one.


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