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I woke up about half an hour before my 4am alarm and was lounging around in bed when I started seeing flashes. At first I thought I was just drifting off to sleep or something, but after a while I realized I was seeing lightning. It was far enough away that I didn't hear any thunder, though. This happened to me one other time when I lived in Seattle. For a while I figured someone was doing a photo shoot. Ha. It was wet out and raining a little bit here and there when I went for my walk, which was a refreshing change of pace. In order to let it get a little bit lighter out before entering the gulch, I went up the Western residential streets first, and to stay safe, I kept to parts of the gulch that don't have narrow trails with dropoffs.

Right before I got into the gulch, my favorite walking song ever came on.

Whenever it comes on, I put it on repeat and listen to it for the rest of my walk. That was about 80 minutes today. It's just such a perfect walking song, and an aural tab of pure ecstasy. I don't really care for hypothetical questions, but if anyone ever asks me what song I'd choose if I only get one the rest of my life, it's this one. It may seem like I'm exaggerating, but I assure you I'm not.

Funny, I didn't know until just know that so much of that mash-up is Britney Spears.

Today's awesome walk, 5.33 miles in 1:44, 11,471 steps, 501ft gain
5.33 miles in 1:44, 11,471 steps, 501ft gain

I took this picture just because I could. This new phone's camera is amazing, and any other phone I've had would have taken a very dark, boring photo here.


This is one of my favorite signs. It looks more to me like a cave painting of a lizard than a diagram showing hidden driveways.


Didn't get to see too much of the sun, but it peeked through once in a while.


I just love entering here. It's like the gulch is saying, "Welcome home."


I'm curious if this concrete ring has been here as long as the tree. And if the tree will someday grow large enough to pick it up and eventually break it.


The industrial properties that are for sale that I've been walking by have concrete barriers where they meet the road. Only one has this done to it, though. Wonder what that's about.


This little road is point A on the map. I went that way and back just to make sure I'd get enough mileage today. It's nice, though.


Here's my week. I'm glad I was able to hit my goal even with the skipped day, but it sure was a lot of work to do it.


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