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I just realized I should have taken a picture of at least part of the dinner I made last night. Our friends Jenn and Jason have an excellent band, Mutiny Mutiny, and they played in Everett last night. We had them over for dinner beforehand, and since they're vegetarians, I went ahead and made a vegan dinner since I've been making so many vegan meals. It was a Thai noodle dish and some zucchini lemongrass fritters, plus they brought spring rolls from Tamarind Tree, one of the best restaurants in Seattle. I wasn't going to have them bring anything at all, but when Jenn offered, I asked if she would mind stopping for those. Best spring rolls I've ever had and I didn't have to go anywhere to get them!

What I wish I took a photo of is the little station I made up for herbs and toppings. It was a nice triangle of bowls with cilantro, shiso, basil, cashews, green onions, and a big bowl of pickled cucumbers and onions. I had everyone bring their bowl over to the stove to grab noodles and top them with their choices from that station. It was a hit. I also made a watermelon basil ice dessert, which was tasty, but also weird because it looked like salsa.

Mutiny Mutiny was the third act on the bill at the show later on, and had a lot of sound issues, so I didn't end up asleep until midnight. Still love seeing them perform.

Mutiny Mutiny at Firewheel Community Coffee House

They're between drummers right now and were using a laptop as a drum machine. No big loss as far as I'm concerned, as their sound is very guitar-oriented.

Mutiny Mutiny at Firewheel Community Coffee House

You should all buy their music! It's very good. A new EP is coming out in a few weeks.

I swear, staying up late is the worst in terms of how I feel. I didn't just feel gross when 5am rolled around and it was time to get up for my walk. I also felt very gross every time I woke up throughout the night. I'd rather have a hangover than be tired from staying up late, any day.

After completing the 30-mile goal in only five days last week and feeling like I was always running behind the whole time, I decided that I would walk today no matter what, and I'd start the week off with at least five miles today. It took me a little while to get out of bed, but I did it, and set off for another walk up through the neighborhoods and back down through the gulch. I'll probably do this more and more as the sun rises later, and might have to think about walking in the afternoons eventually.

That neighborhood is very affluent, and rich people find the weirdest plants to use in their landscaping.


I really liked this morning because it was cool out, and it looked like the middle of winter.




Today's awesome walk, 5.17 miles in 1:55, 11,128 steps, 456ft gain
5.17 miles in 1:55, 11,128 steps, 456ft gain

I really liked today's route. I think I've only taken the part between points A and B once or twice. I barely noticed the spot where it starts, and didn't really know for sure I'd been there until I was almost done with it.

I'm also always wishing there was a way across the land that's for sale, between points B and D, and today I spotted a little path at point C. It got really creepy, really fast.


I'm not sure if that was a shed, or a little house, or what, but it's been to hell and back. It looked like the path kept going, but it was more overgrown than I'll put up with now, and I was ready to be back out on the road anyway.

I do like how these routes lead me out of Mukilteo into Everett, then back into Mukilteo.


I was definitely dragging, though.


It was also interesting to see the dramatic growth of the blackberry bushes along the center trail from just a couple of rainy days. Hopefully the volunteers will be through soon to cut them back a bit.



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