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A little rain never hurt

I felt great when I got up this morning, and noticed the sunrise was really nice as I was driving to the gulch. I wanted to really take it in, so I walked down to the beach. As is often the case, I missed the really vivid red part. As the days get shorter, I'll get to see more of them, though. And there was still plenty to enjoy.


Today's awesome walk, 6.18 miles in 2:18, 13,288 steps, 656ft gain
6.18 miles in 2:18, 13,288 steps, 656ft gain

Not a gulch train. I took this picture at point A on the map, and point B is where the track splits off to head through the gulch to get to Boeing.


The parking at the Silver Cloud in Mukilteo has such a nice view.


Edgewater Beach from a hole in the fence along the temporary path that leads there. I wonder if that access point will ever close.


Such a lovely spot. As usual, there are more over at flickr.


After coming up from the beach, I jumped into the trails. I noticed some of the sandier spots were a little nicer today due to the recent rains. Of course that means the spots that have been muddy are way worse, but it's getting to the point where I know which way to go to avoid whatever I'm concerned about.


I left the East side of the gulch when I realized the path I was walking up was the "rollercoaster" I've talked about. Going up it would be just as hard as going down, because you go up and down every bend either way. Instead, I walked over to a trail I was pretty sure I'd never been on at point D. Within moments of heading down it, I knew for sure, because I'd remember this car for sure.


The trail wraps around it, so you get to see it from all sides. I'd love to know the story behind it. I'm so glad I went that way, because every other way from one side to the other that I've done is quite difficult, and that one's very easy.

I didn't really mean to go up to six miles today, but I'm also terrible at estimating the distances. Not surprising since everything winds around so much. I exited via the fancy neighborhoods because I don't like how steep the way out would have been if I'd headed directly back to the car. I go up that way a lot, but don't care to go down.



Even though there are more people than I care for down at the beach every time I go, I should go more. Combining the beach and the gulch adds variety and also gives me a steeper climb. Not sure if I've said it before, but climbing in the gulch so much is an exponentially better workout than going farther on a flat surface.


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