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A beach so nice, I went there twice

I didn't climb all the way up out of the Eastern portion of the gulch, and really wish I had. I ended up climbing 656 feet, and if I went to the top, I might have gone over 700. That's kind of an arbitrary goal, and I really have no idea what my record is. Just checked an export of my lifetime stats, and gain isn't included in that view. That's too bad.

Today's awesome walk, 6.22 miles in 2:17, 13,382 steps, 553ft gain
6.22 miles in 2:17, 13,382 steps, 553ft gain

Not too many pictures today, since I covered much of the same territory as yesterday.


Comparing today's walk and yesterday's, the stats are shockingly similar. Except for the gain. I climbed to a very high spot today and it was pretty brutal, but since I crossed from one side to the other yesterday, I got another hundred feet out of it. So maybe tomorrow, if I climb up one since and then the other, I can get 700 feet. If that doesn't do it, I can try two loops on the same side. I wish gain was listed in the live tracking on the phone.

I just looked at the entry from the time I went to Big Gulch to see how many feet it takes to climb out of there. Only 389. It's weird to see that the date was only July 2nd. Seems like such a long time ago.

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