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Easy like Friday morning

I could have stopped after yesterday and been happy with this week's walks, but since I wasn't in pain or anything, I headed out for a nice, easy one at Langus Riverfront Park and Spencer island. It was a cool, cloudy morning, which is what I prefer generally speaking, but there were far fewer photos to take.

Almost everywhere I like to walk has a "dawn until desk" hours policy, but I figure the ones that open at 6am won't get me in any trouble if I'm there a little early and it's light out. Before long, it'll be dark well after 6am, so I need to think about changing my schedule around a bit. At least the school year starting soon means I can go to the pool some days.

Here's another example of a picture I don't think any other phone I've had before could take. It does really well in low light. I love it.


Saw tons of geese today. A gaggle of them flew in perfect formation right by me, but I knew I'd never get my phone ready in time for a video, so I just enjoyed it.


Found a pair of glasses. This reminds me I need to find my spare pair. I also want to order some new ones.


Today's awesome walk, 4.28 miles in 1:21, 9,207 steps
4.28 miles in 1:21, 9,207 steps

Today I went further North on that trail on the right than I have. I would have gone ever further, but the thorny vines kept getting worse. I doubt it goes much further than I went, so I didn't bother fighting the vines.

I previously said that I wouldn't go along 4th St SE, but I was ready to try again today and it was fine. It's been driven on a lot more since the last time I was there, and the bigger rocks have moved off to the side. Plus I think a lot of the previous discomfort was from old shoes.

My week:

It's been great, but as usual, I'm looking forward to tomorrow. A day off each week is important.

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