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Exploring a new strategy

Garrett's cousin spent the night Saturday night and we were up late having a grand old time. I skipped Sunday's walk and have decided I'm not too worried about hitting 30 miles this week. Doing it across five days two weeks ago was unpleasant. As I set out today, I wanted to explore in both sides of the gulch and see how much of a climb I could get without ever leaving. I also wanted to try to emerge from the Western portion on the trail that wraps around the rusty old car. It's easy to find that trail from the center, but last time I was there, I tried to find it going the other way, and didn't manage to.

Today's awesome walk, 4.85 miles in 2:08, 10,427 steps, 558ft gain
4.85 miles in 2:08, 10,427 steps, 558ft gain

Pardon the extra-tall map. I wanted to zoom in a little close to show the detail in the lower portion. I was about to enter the Eastern portion at point A, but it was a little bit too dark, so I came back to the center. Pretty morning, but I know it'll be really warm later.


There's a big clearing somewhere near point B, and from way up higher I've noticed this trash can and trash before.


Assholes. I'm curious if whoever made the mess brought the trash can, too. There was obviously a fire in it, and I can't imagine anyone's in charge of coming in and emptying it.

Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated!


Some mushrooms for suxdonut, the mushroom queen.


My path into the Eastern portion was one I've looked at recently without taking, and I'm really not sure how much of what I saw today was familiar territory. I think a lot of it was new. Consulting the map from the day I saw the old rusty car, I can tell it's somewhere close to point C, but I overshot it, and turned back because point D is a steep sandy wall I refuse to walk down; the one where I sat down and scooted. Terrible.

I saw a lot more people there today than I normally do. They all had at least one dog, too. I'm the rare trail user who is there solo, I suppose.

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